Sunday, 8 March 2015

Carolyn Pyjamas pattern by Closet Case Files

Thanks Heather for a great pattern! I didn't think I'd  ever make pyjamas, but who can resist  a pyjama party! Please enjoy the following pictures, featuring legitimate bed head, my messy bed, plus today's face brought to you by yesterday's makeup. Just trying to be authentic, guys.

I like these! No more ratty t shirts or scandalous nudity. I used a Micheal  Miller Glitz fabric, with black rayon piping,  black (wonky ass) top stitching and matte black buttons. I finished my seams with pink Snug Hug seam binding because, if you've ever bought an entire roll of Snug Hug, you need to use it on ERRRRYTHING if you ever want to be done with it. But it looks so swank inside. Then of course, I put my label in the inside  so that no one but that one other Helene with my last name who lives in Holland can steal these.

I feel really glamorous and luxurious in the pyjamas, and the pink and gold make me think of champagne, that cheap pink kind. what can I say, I have taste. I can't wait to waltz around in them like it ain't no thing and make everyone jealousé

I wish the making of these went smoothly, but due to some choices of my own, not really. First choice: don't bother making a muslin. Well, I should have known. I have a lot of junk in the old butt trunk, and so these babies are showing what my mamma and cheeseburgers gave me. I'll go up a size, and maybe add some length next time. But, for my saucy lounging, for now this pair will do.

Next, the piping. First, I wanted glitzy gold piping, but despite hitting all of the fabric stores in the fashion district,  nothing quite matched the greenish gold of the fabric. I still bought gold lamè bias tape for future gold piping, because gold lamè bias tape. So, I settled on some nice black rayon piping, and that was a terrible choice. It frayed like CRAZY. I think I used almost a whole bottle of fray check on that piping. So, anywhere piping had to butt against another piece of piping,  I had to just cut it and glue it with fray check.  So as long as I don't lift my arms, I'm fine.

Lastly,  I feel like my shirt pocket is way too low. I forgot to mark the placement on my fabric so I just stuck it on wherever. I want to reposition it higher, but so lazy. Maybe I'll just wait for my boobs to sag, then it will be perfect.

But, I really like the way my faux fly came out. I'm proud of my top stitching. For once I went really slowly and carefully, and it doesn't look like I did it while drinking!  Good directions, Heather! I added two little black buttons to balance out the black piping on the cuffs. In hindsight, I would put piping on the waistband too. It would look good, and plus, man, once you try piping, you really want to add more.

I really  want to make another pair of these, to really nail the size and piping. Plus, gold lamè piping, guys. Gold. Lamè.

This was my first time trying piping, my third time making button holes, and my first blogging about anything! So, while I'm sure no one is reading, I'm still happy. I made really cute stylish pyjamas that, from far away/with bad eyesight look legit. Up close, still Becky Homecky, but hey, they're all mine! Now excuse me while I go drink tea, knit and wear my awesome pyjamas all Sunday!


  1. I love them! Though some pics seem borderline "I'm about to engage in bedroom shenanigans"

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    1. Thanks! Guess I need to post some more!